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     Wolf (Canis Lupus).  In contrast to his well-known image, the Wolf is a creature whose lifestyle could serve as a model for human beings.  Wolves live in well-organized societies in which care and protection of the family and fellow wolves are important.  Wolves kill only for food or when attacked.  Wolves hunt primarily weak and sick prey.  Wolf howls are perhaps the most beautiful sounds in nature.  Howling is communication among Wolves.  Unfortunately, it is a fact that pure Wolves do not make good pets.  As they mature some become very independent; plus their facilities can be expensive.  But understanding, accepting and respecting the Wolf’s nature is usually the problem for many people.  Therefore we have chosen to only offer the crossbreeds.  Wolf crossbreeds have excellent health, superb stamina, super intelligence and a unique personality.

    We are a private kennel.  Since the 1970's we have specialized in developing the Rare Raven Black Yukon bloodlines through selective breeding.  We have limited litters a year.  We prefer advance reserves.  Absolutely no commercial breeding.  All our pups have a certificate for proof of ancestry. -Private Registration-

    A deposit is required to reserve a pup in advance.  The deposit will be returned only if we cannot provide a pup.  We encourage kennel pickups. 

    Each pup has a complete Kennel Health Record.

    Licensed / Certified Stock.  Rare Raven Blacks and Black-Phase.   Over 30 years experience with pure Wolves.  Will answer any questions.  Morning and evening calls are best to reach the kennel. - Private Kennel
(828) 648-7813
Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

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(B)Rare Raven Black
34" at shoulder-130lbs.+
(C)(By Reserve)
Black-Phase Wolf Crossbred
pups at 41/2 weeks of age

     We use the largest strain of Wolf that originated from the Yukon Country.  These crosses make an excellent companion for anyone seeking high quality Wolf blood.  With proper handling and training, the lower percentage Wolf cross can make an impressive protection animal.  Males and females weigh up to and over 100 pounds.

    Our highest percentage Wolf bloods are only available during the natural whelping season of pure Wolves (no exceptions).  Wolves are seasonal breeders.  Call for availability.

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(D) (1970's)
6 months old Black Yukon
(Foundation Stock)
(E) (1990's)

Limited and Selectively bred by Private Kennel
(828) 648-7813
Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

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(F) Rare Raven Black (youth)
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(G) Rare Raven Black (adult)
(In Summer Coat)

(H)  Black-Phase (youth)

(I)  Black-Phase (adult)


(J)  Grandson with Wolf cross (Black-Phase)
(34" at shoulders and 160 lbs.)

(K) 7 month old (Black-Phase)

(L)  Youngwolf Kennels  

(M) Youngwolf Kennels


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(Q) Black-Phase

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(U) Grandson with 3 week old wolf cross pup

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